CommandBuffer.Blit BuiltinRenderTextureType.CameraTarget为空的问题





So it seems that when OnRenderImage is being used, or when HDR rendering is on, or when anything that needs the camera to render to an intermediate buffer is enabled, the camera automatically renders to an intermediate buffer instead of the backbuffer (screen) directly. This is nice.

However when Unity cannot predict that the camera is going to need an intermediate buffer, and your command buffer does a Blit(), things go wrong: since Unity cannot know in advance what you're doing in the CB, it grabs the image from the back buffer again and the Blit() (which does not know where the input is coming from) flips it.

The issue can be fixed by enabling the camera's "forceIntoRenderTexture". This forces Unity to quit rendering to the back buffer directly and always render the camera to an intermediate buffer (regardless of HDR state, whether or not there are image effects present, etc.)



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