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翻译 luna版本是什么_luna亚马逊是其数字垄断的最新成员

luna版本是什么Amazon has just announced that it is going to finally dive into the cloud gaming waters with a new service officially called Amazon Luna. What, did you think Amazon wasn’t going to cash in on...

2020-10-09 21:09:12 274

翻译 抽象类不能声明主体_软件的主导地位能否继续

抽象类不能声明主体Opinions are my own and not intended to be investment advice.观点是我自己的,并不打算成为投资建议。As I was doing research on another post, I was struck by just how much the tech sector has outperformed some o...

2020-10-09 20:59:35 176

翻译 新笔记本电脑无法快捷_新笔记本电脑如何使我更有生产力

新笔记本电脑无法快捷The Macbook and a reformed Apple skepticMacbook和改革后的苹果怀疑论者Despite my reformed skeptisism, I have to clarify that I do not own an iPhone. I haven’t bought into the ecosystem. But now I can’t...

2020-10-09 20:49:24 267

翻译 计算机视觉英文介绍_计算机视觉介绍

计算机视觉英文介绍什么是计算机视觉?(What is Computer Vision?)Computer Vision can be generally understood using two perspectives: (1) computer science and (2) computer engineering. 通常可以使用两种观点来理解计算机视觉:(1)计算机科学和(2)计算机工程...

2020-10-09 20:19:07 1259

翻译 马里奥 实现_让我们给马里奥他应得的周年纪念日

马里奥 实现Like any other Nintendo fanatic, I felt morally obligated to gaming’s most lovable mustache to purchase the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection on the Switch this past week. The game is supposed...

2020-10-09 19:59:02 229

翻译 复仇者无尽石头ctf

This writeup documents my solution to solving the Avengers Infinity Stones Capture The Flag (CTF) machine available on vulnerable hub and created by Hacking Articles. I will leave a link in the Refere...

2020-09-02 15:00:48 506

翻译 保护人身安全的app_您可以做的3件事,可以大大提高您的人身安全

Jane Henkels简·汉克斯 Follow跟随 May 3 5月3日 3 Small Things You Can Do to Drastically Increase Your Personal Security 您可以做的3件事,可以大大提高您的人身安全 To the uninitiated and otherwise technologically challenged, the r...

2020-09-01 12:01:56 290

翻译 在网络抗议中{*}推土机

A story cropped up this morning on my feed. Someone had discovered that while visiting eBay, their web browser was running a port scan on localhost with WebSockets. Presumably, the browser fed that in...

2020-08-31 19:58:17 156

翻译 js全局拦截器_实施全局身份验证拦截器

js全局拦截器In this article, you’re going to learn how to implement a global authentication interceptor. The job of this interceptor is to refresh the access token when you got an unauthorized response. 在本...

2020-08-31 19:47:25 1349

翻译 放大器负压保护_放大保护自己

放大器负压保护Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic forced us all to stay at homes and social distance, we’ve resorted to using video conferencing apps like Discord, Skype and Google Meet for our meetings and to ...

2020-08-31 19:37:58 694

翻译 数据库账户密码安全_3个密码提示,可确保您的网上银行帐户安全— Mielygraphy

数据库账户密码安全Thanks to online banking, taking care of your financial transactions has never been easier. However, its growing popularity has made it a prime target for many cybercrime schemes. Hence, you ...

2020-08-31 19:27:02 272

翻译 被炒鱿鱼了_不要因为在家工作而被炒鱿鱼

The picture of your toddler sitting on your lap while working is endearing. Your golden retriever, Captain, wearing a headset, made me laugh. Seeing these work-from-home photos in articles and across ...

2020-08-31 19:16:48 74

翻译 物联网安全解决方案_如何设计具有安全性的自制物联网解决方案

物联网安全解决方案You are a tinkerer. You want to build things, which you do at home in your garage. You dream of your device, the little BLE-enabled-chip-that-could, becoming a wild success on Kickstarter — p...

2020-08-31 19:06:06 329

翻译 api安全测试工具_API安全测试

api安全测试工具 API测试的最佳做法 (Best Practices for API Testing)RESTful APIs have become a fundamental part of modern web application development in recent years. The RESTful approach is far more simple and sca...

2020-08-31 18:56:06 2254

翻译 移动端获得微信openid_构建用于移动设备的OpenID Connect流

移动端获得微信openidFinding precise guidelines on how to implement OpenID Connect for native mobile apps is a harsh journey. Most resources available don’t follow best practices and the other ones leave some...

2020-08-31 18:45:57 442

翻译 专利第三方评估_什么是第三方风险评估,您该如何做?

专利第三方评估Today, insurance companies and investment enterprises tend to prioritize third-party risk management in the wake of several global trends. Namely, accelerated outsourcing in a milieu of increas...

2020-08-31 18:35:10 1220

翻译 aws mfa 认证_为受MFA保护的联合身份设置程序化AWS访问

aws mfa 认证I am currently working on improving the security of cloud operations for one of my clients and wanted to share an interesting solution I developed to help provide programmatic access to AWS ...

2020-08-31 18:13:32 585

翻译 cron_通过Cron升级特权

cronCron is a super useful job scheduler in Unix-based operating systems. It allows you to schedule jobs to run periodically. Cron在基于Unix的操作系统中是超级有用的作业调度程序。 它允许您安排作业定期运行。 Cron is usually used to auto...

2020-08-31 18:04:11 111

翻译 漏洞管理_漏洞管理,广阔视野

漏洞管理 什么是漏洞管理? (What is Vulnerability Management?)We’ll start at the beginning. According to ISO 27002, a vulnerability is 我们将从头开始。 根据ISO 27002,漏洞为 A weakness of an asset or group of assets that can ...

2020-08-31 17:34:12 513

翻译 vue-cli构建_构建自己的WotsApp-第7部分

vue-cli构建I should start this article with a disclaimer: It is based on iOS 13, Swift 5, and Xcode 11.x. If you’re reading this and those numbers look dated, be forewarned. 我应该以免责声明开头:它基于iOS 13,Swift 5...

2020-08-31 17:24:47 117

翻译 python 验证漏洞_Python开发人员应该害怕的十大安全漏洞

python 验证漏洞Writing a safe and secure code is difficult. When developing software, you often concentrate on how it should be applied. But in the context of security, the first thing to think about is h...

2020-08-31 17:14:33 461

翻译 twitter登陆安全问题_Twitter的安全问题包括对用户帐户的广泛访问

twitter登陆安全问题By Jordan Robertson, Kartikay Mehrotra, and Kurt Wagner 乔丹·罗伯森(Jordan Robertson),卡蒂凯(Kartikay Mehrotra)和库尔特·瓦格纳(Kurt Wagner) Twitter Inc. has struggled for years to police the growing nu...

2020-08-31 17:04:01 2202

翻译 kubernetes 集群_Kubernetes集群内部的安全措施

kubernetes 集群As Kubernetes has rapidly become one of the most popular choices for deploying code in the cloud, I decided to write an article to give you some insights about security measures. Furtherm...

2020-08-31 16:54:02 224

翻译 纳粹营造的氛围_如何在公司中营造网络安全文化

纳粹营造的氛围By Neill Feather 尼尔·羽毛 It’s no secret that cyberattacks are on the rise, which means it’s becoming increasingly critical for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) to incorporate cybersecurity in...

2020-08-31 16:43:52 97

翻译 mlf slf psl_不解析PSL的公共后缀查找

mlf slf pslDuring my work at SSE (I was working on the security-first DNS provider deSEC), I was facing the need for quickly looking up the so-called Public Suffix for a given domain name. If the doma...

2020-08-31 15:45:32 836

翻译 防止ajax数据篡改_如何防止业务中的数据篡改

防止ajax数据篡改Who likes people messing with their stuff? We’ve learned (or known) since we were toddlers, what is ours is OURS and we don’t want people messing with OUR stuff. Same is true for our organiz...

2020-08-31 15:34:45 617

翻译 python序列化反序列化_使用Python的酸洗来解释不安全的反序列化

python序列化反序列化Before I go on rambling about what insecure deserialization is, I will explain what serialization and deserialization is. 在继续探讨什么是不安全的反序列化之前,我将解释什么是序列化和反序列化。 Serialization is the process...

2020-08-31 15:25:20 169

翻译 大数据学习途径_社会支付计划和数据保护的途径和陷阱

大数据学习途径By Thea Anderson, Director, Omidyar Network, Elizabeth M. Renieris, Fellow, Berkman Klein Center and Fellow, Carr Center for Human Rights at Harvard University 奥米迪亚网络主任Thea Anderson,哈佛大学伯克曼·克莱因...

2020-08-31 15:15:07 109

翻译 学一项技能_最后,一项安全开发技能的措施

学一项技能Fostering sound and secure development by measuring programmer skill. 通过评估程序员的技能来促进健全,安全的开发。 Security vulnerabilities and data breaches are reported almost constantly, costing people time and ef...

2020-08-31 15:05:23 122

翻译 facebook sdk_Facebook的SDK如何在没有一行代码的情况下降低Apple的iOS生态系统

facebook sdkOne fine morning, I opened my favorite music streaming app, Spotify, on an iOS device and it crashed. 一个好早晨,我在iOS设备上打开了我最喜欢的音乐流媒体应用Spotify,它崩溃了。 It could have been because I was using iOS...

2020-08-31 14:56:04 58

翻译 使用SCP安全地从远程服务器传输文件或将文件传输到远程服务器

The SCP (secure copy protocol) is a network protocol, based on the BSD RCP protocol, that supports file transfers between hosts on a network. SCP uses secure shell (SSH) for data transfer and the same...

2020-08-31 14:46:38 646

翻译 渗透测试的了解_您需要了解的渗透测试的主要限制

渗透测试的了解A penetration test may involve attempted breaching of application systems such as frontend/backend servers and application protocol interfaces (APIs). Such targeted security breaches help expos...

2020-08-31 14:17:48 657

翻译 dllhell 听说过吗?_您已经听说过X25519,但是X448有何特别之处?

dllhell 听说过吗?Elliptic curve methods are now used extensively in cybersecurity, and your connection to this web page probably uses elliptic curve methods for its key exchange. Normally for a secure con...

2020-08-31 14:08:16 515

翻译 新团队不透露配方怎么办_您如何证明自己知道答案,却不透露答案?

新团队不透露配方怎么办As a teacher you mark your student’s work, but where they give away the answer each time. So can we find a method to prove that a student has finished their coursework, without them telling...

2020-08-31 13:59:04 62

翻译 idp 改善_改善密码

idp 改善Improving password quality across your team or business is a challenging job. It’s also one of the most effective things you can do to become more secure. In this post, we’ll explain what we thi...

2020-08-31 13:48:54 139

翻译 阿里云安全漏洞修复_7种云计算安全漏洞及其应对措施

阿里云安全漏洞修复Companies are rapidly using the cloud to revolutionize their digital transformations. According to Gartner, the global market for cloud computing is estimated to grow $266.4 billion by 2020, ...

2020-08-31 13:39:09 2112

翻译 rsa加密_RSA加密

redis 问题 (The Problem)Alice wants to send a secret message to her friend Bob. The message is the single letter “C.” 爱丽丝想发送秘密消息给她的朋友鲍勃。 消息是单个字母“ C”。 How can she confidentially deliver this message, a...

2020-08-31 13:10:56 183

翻译 ios apple语音性别_如何使用Apple的CryptoKit在iOS应用中设置端到端加密

ios apple语音性别Security can be a significant concern for companies and developers building applications, especially in the medical field, where data breaches are severely penalized. This is where end-to...

2020-08-31 12:50:18 407

翻译 react jwt_React身份验证:如何在Cookie中存储JWT

react jwt 重点 (Top highlight)???? Say hi to me on Twitter! ????在 Twitter上 对我问好 ! If you have a React app that needs to access data, perhaps your setup looks like this: 如果您有一个需要访问数据的React应用,则您的设置可能如下所示: If ...

2020-08-31 12:40:28 1382

翻译 http请求头获取请求链接_我们如何设计文件请求链接

http请求头获取请求链接File Request Links is a new feature we implemented which allows users to receive files from one-time collaborators. This was also an interesting engineering challenge that I’d like to exp...

2020-08-31 12:31:15 766



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