Since its inception in 2010, the Unity Asset Store has endeavored to empower game developers with the tools and resources they need, so they can focus on the creative process of making great games as effectively and efficiently as possible.  It’s part of our mission to democratize game development.  With over 1.5 million Asset Store users, we can attest that the community finds it an indispensable resource!  We frequently hear from grateful customers, pleased that they have finished their product on time, on budget, made possible by resources obtained on the Unity Asset Store.

自2010年成立以来,Unity Asset Store一直致力于为游戏开发人员提供所需的工具和资源,以便他们专注于尽可能高效,高效制作出色游戏的创作过程。 这是使游戏开发民主化的使命之一。 拥有超过150万资产商店用户,我们可以证明社区发现它是必不可少的资源! 我们经常收到感激的客户的回音,很高兴他们能够通过Unity Asset Store上获得的资源按预算按时完成产品。

At its core, the store is an extension of behavior that we observed evolving organically in the community.  On our forums and wiki, Unity developers were sharing and exchanging code, art and other assets informally.  We saw an opportunity to create a marketplace which would serve the interests of our developers as well as  provide an income to the talented people who create and sell content.   While perhaps the metaphor of an ecosystem is overused, it’s really an accurate representation of the Asset Store– we’ve made a kind of coral reef where game developers and content creators serve the needs of one another.  It’s very much alive!  We have content creators now who are blessed with enough success on the Asset Store to make content creation their primary livelihood, not bound by geography or chained down to a studio.  Asset Store has empowered artists and programmers to become self-made entrepreneurs.  And in a few cases, millionaires.

从本质上讲,商店是我们观察到的在社区中有机演变的行为的延伸。 在我们的论坛和Wiki上,Unity开发人员正在非正式地共享和交换代码,艺术品和其他资产。 我们看到了一个创造市场的机会,该市场将为开发人员的利益服务,并为创造和销售内容的人才提供收入。 尽管可能过度使用了生态系统的隐喻,但这实际上是Asset Store的准确表示-我们已经制成了一种珊瑚礁,游戏开发人员和内容创建者可以相互满足需求。 它还活着! 现在,我们拥有内容创作者,他们很幸运在Asset Store上获得了足够的成功,可以使内容创作成为他们的主要谋生手段,而不受地域的束缚或与工作室的联系。 Asset Store已授权艺术家和程序员成为白手起家的企业家。 在少数情况下,百万富翁。

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, game development was a pretty expensive and complicated endeavor, and producers were reluctant to take a risk investing in projects which deviated from the mainstream.  Although there were some exceptions,  it was not a good time for the indie or creative developer.  This is exactly the problem we set out to solve at Unity with both our engine and our Asset Store.  Unity takes care of the complex heavy lifting involved in making a game, so you can focus on what’s important: making meaningful games and interactive experiences.  It’s one of the things that keeps us passionate about what we do here at Unity Technologies. By providing the largest commercial repository of game code, content, art and learning materials, the Unity Asset Store can provide a developer with the resources needed to make great games, to work faster and to reach higher with the help of content creators who love what they do.  There’s 3D models by some of the best artists out there, top-notch code libraries, Hollywood sound effects and music, and starter kits which you can take apart and use as the basis for building new projects.

在90年代末和2000年代初,游戏开发是一项相当昂贵和复杂的工作,并且制作人不愿冒险投资偏离主流的项目。 尽管有一些例外,但对于独立开发人员或创意开发人员而言,现在不是一个好时机。 这正是我们着手在Unity上使用引擎和资产商店解决的问题。 Unity负责制作游戏所涉及的繁重工作,因此您可以专注于重要的事情:制作有意义的游戏和互动体验。 这是使我们对Unity Technologies的工作充满热情的一件事。 通过提供最大的游戏代码,内容,艺术和学习材料的商业存储库,Unity Asset Store可以为开发人员提供制作出色游戏,更快地工作并在喜欢什么的内容创建者的帮助下达到更高水平所需的资源。他们是这样。 这里有一些最好的艺术家制作的3D模型,一流的代码库,好莱坞的音效和音乐以及入门套件,您可以将它们分解并用作构建新项目的基础。

Alas, there’s always going to be folks who exploit a good thing for personal gain without giving something back.  I’m referring to the handful of Asset Store users out there who have taken Unity demo products and Asset Store starter products, slapped their name on it without contributing or creating anything original, and uploading it for sale on popular online game marketplaces. This flies in the face of our heartfelt mission to serve the creative individual and catalyze a whole new generation of great games!  Some people have referred to the process as “Asset Flipping”.  Whatever you call it, the amount of attention this practice has received is hugely disproportionate to the many positive ways the majority of our customers use the Asset Store.

las,总会有人为自己的利益而利用一件好事而没有回报。 我指的是极少数的Asset Store用户,他们购买了Unity演示产品和Asset Store入门产品,在其名称上打了个招呼,却没有贡献或创造任何原创作品,并将其上传到流行的在线游戏市场上出售。 面对我们衷心为创意人服务的使命,并催生了新一代的伟大游戏! 有些人将这一过程称为“资产翻转”。 不管您怎么说,这种做法所引起的关注与大多数客户使用资产商店的许多积极方式都是不成比例的。

The point of this little missive is to underscore that the Asset Store is here to serve the greater good.  If you spot someone from the Dark Side misusing Asset Store content, or if you spot an example project “flipped” and uploaded as a game on an online marketplace, call them out & let the vendor know.   In many ways, the Asset Store is like a particle accelerator for ideas.  It represents the genius and inspiration of some of the most talented programmers and artists from around the world.   In that sense, Asset Store gives game developers something great.   Use it wisely to become great yourself!

这种小小的抱怨的重点是要强调资产商店在这里为更大的利益服务。 如果您发现来自Dark Side的某人滥用了Asset Store的内容,或者发现了示例项目“翻转”并作为游戏上传到在线市场上,请与他们联系并告知供应商。 在许多方面,资产商店就像是想法的粒子加速器。 它代表了来自世界各地的一些最有才华的程序员和艺术家的才华和灵感。 从这个意义上讲,Asset Store为游戏开发人员提供了很棒的东西。 明智地使用它来成为伟大的自己!

翻译自: https://blogs.unity3d.com/2015/07/16/asset-store-a-force-for-creative-goodness/


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