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一、joint  types 

Screws(螺旋): screws, which can be seen as a combination of revolute joints and prismatic joints (with linked values), have one DoF and are use describe a movement similar to a screw. A pitch parameter defines the amount of translation for a given amount of rotation. A screw configura defined by one value that represents the amount of rotation about its first reference frame's z-axis. Screws can be used as passive joints, or as a joints (motors).
Spherical joints: spherical joints have three DoF and are used to describe rotational movements (with 3 DoF) between objects. Their configuration is defined by three values that represent the amount of rotation around their first reference frame's x-, y- and z-axis. The three va that define a spherical joint's configuration are specified as
Euler angles. In some situations, a spherical joint can be thought of as 3 concurrent orthogonal to each other joints, that are parented in a hierarchy-chain. The analogy is however only valid while all revolute joints keep an orientation
distinct from any of the two others: indeed, should two joints come close to coincide, a singular situation might appear and the mechanism mig lose one DoF. This does never happen with spherical joints that are internally handled to avoid this kind of situation. Spherical joints are always passive joints, and cannot act as motors.

二、joint modes

1.Torque or force mode: a joint that operates in force/torque mode will be handled by the physics engine.  

Motor enabled: enables or disables the motor of the joint. If disabled, the joint is free. Available only if the joint is in torque/force mode.

Control loop enabled: enables or disables the joint control loop. By default, a built-in PID controller is used (see further down).

Hybrid operation: when the joint is in passive mode, inverse kinematics mode or dependent mode, it can optionally also be operated in a hybrid fashion: hybrid operation allows the joint to operate  in a regular way, but additionally, just before dynamics calculations, the current joint position will be copied to the target joint position, and then, during dynamics calculations, the joint will be handled as a motor in position control (if and only if it is dynamically enabled). Refer to the joint types and operation  section for details.

Javascript 设计模式之修饰模式【专家辅导】

随着 javascript ES6/7 的发布,很多老版本的设计模式的实现,今天来看是错误的,将被彻底颠覆。即便简单的单例模式,也将被重写,焕发新的生命。
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ROS学习(十):ROS URDF->joint

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外部控制的六种方式 1.The most convenient way is to write a child script that will handle the behaviour of a...
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【论文笔记】Mutual-Structure for Joint Filtering

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在verp中,collision detection, collections, IK groups等需要预先建立集合。它们能够用相应的API调用,也能用graph显示一些相应的数据。建立集合方法:O...
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Joint 属于unity3d 里面的一种物理组件(component)。是模拟物体与物体之间的一种连接关系,分别是Hinge Joint(链条连接),Fixed Joint(固定连接),spring...
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unity3d关节物体连接方式 Joint 简介

unity3d关节物体连接方式 Joint 简介   Unity3D 在components-physics里有很多种Joint方式,用于模拟物体与物体间的联系,物体间作用力等,由于上次辛苦写了...
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Dual channel/Stereo/Joint stereo 区别

Dual channel:由两个单声道组成,两个声道编码时不考虑相关性,每个声道的码率为音频总码率的一半。E.g in a 128kbits file each channesl woudle tak...
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论文笔记之---Joint Detection and Identification Feature Learning for Person Search

Abstract: 现有的行人再识别方法中所使用的标准和方法主要关注的是经过裁剪的行人照片,这与现实生活场景中的图片有所不同。本文为了缩小两者的差距,提出了一种行人搜索的新框架,将行人检测和行人再识别...
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